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Degree: Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years/Birth - 12 Years)  Offering Institution: Western Sydney University 
TAFE qualification: Early Childhood Education and Care (Birth - 5 Years) Bachelor 
National code: HE20510 
Guaranteed pathway: Yes 
Available credits: Credit details for the Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years/Birth - 12 Years):
  • 10 credit points - 101625 Inclusive Practices
  • 10 credit points - 101899 Introduction to Pedagogical Leadership
  • 10 credit points - 102100 Research and Professional Practice
  • 10 credit points - 102101 Diverse Literacies
  • 10 credit points - 102102 Children, Families, Communities
  • 10 credit points - 102103 Community Leadership
  • 10 credit points - 102107 Practising Pedagogical Leadership
  • 10 credit points - 102108 Leadership and Management
  • 10 credit points - 102109 Professional Experience Birth - 2 Years
  • 10 credit points - 102110 Prefessional Experience 3-5 Years
Western Sydney University Pathway Code:  15L0115

How to claim your credit
All Western Sydney University Tertiary Education pathways listed on their website, diploma and above, include an element of credit. You are able to claim your credit online using their pathways credit e-form.

Please visit the Claim your Credit page for instructions on how to do claim
How to apply: Visit the dedicated How do I enrol? page on Western Sydney University website.