This credit transfer website is a guide to credits available for completed TAFE NSW qualifications to articulate into a University or Higher Education Provider degree. It is designed to help you tailor your study journey. How much credit you are eligible for varies depending on course, institution chosen and the grades achieved. As credit arrangements are updated regularly, you should always confirm your eligibility with the offering institution. You can e-mail TAFE NSW if you need more information.
Degree: Bachelor of Nursing  Offering Institution: Australian Catholic University 
TAFE qualification: Nursing (Enrolled/Division 2 Nursing) Diploma 
National code: HLT51612 
Available credits: Block credit of 80 credit points: 70 credit points in first year and 10 credit points in second year.

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TAFE qualification: Nursing Diploma 
National code: HLT54115 
Available credits: Credit Granted is: 80 credit points - one year block credit

HLSC120 Indigenous Health and Culture
HLSC111 The Person, Health and Wellbeing
BIOL121 Human Biological Science 1
NRSG138 Transition to Nursing
NRSG139 Integrating Practice 1
NRSG140 Integrating Practice 2
UNCC100 Self and Community: Exploring the Anatomy of Modern Society
NRSG266 Principles of Nursing: Contexts of Ageing  
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