This credit transfer website is a guide to credits available for completed TAFE NSW qualifications to articulate into a University or Higher Education Provider degree. It is designed to help you tailor your study journey. How much credit you are eligible for varies depending on course, institution chosen and the grades achieved. As credit arrangements are updated regularly, you should always confirm your eligibility with the offering institution. You can e-mail TAFE NSW if you need more information.
Degree: Bachelor of Design in Integrated Product Design  Offering Institution: University of Technology Sydney 
TAFE qualification: Creative Product Development Advanced Diploma 
National code: CUV60311 
Available credits: Credit Granted: 48 credit points towards Bachelor of Design in Integrated Product Design
Credit recognition of 48 credit points of the total 144 credit points
This is equivalent to one year of credit towards the degree.
A Credit average grade must be achieved by applicants.
Credit recognition doesn’t guarantee automatic admission into UTS courses.
Students must have completed their studies at TAFE NSW no longer than three (3) years prior to admission into the specified UTS courses.

More information?
Please check UTS's dedicated webpage for the most up-to-date information on Credit Recognition.

Still have questions?
Please call UTS on 1300-ASK-UTS, contact UTS online via Ask UTS or visit on of our Student Centres. If you are visiting UTS in person, please bring a copy of your transcript from your previous study. Alternatively, you can upload a copy via Ask UTS.

How to apply: You can apply for formal credit recognition at UTS by submitting the Application for credit recognition form (PDF, 85kB) to a UTS Student Centre.
Use the instructions provided in your faculty's guidelines, and the instructions provided on the form when completing and submitting this form. Each application is assessed on an individual basis.

The credit recognition arrangements are only a guide and do not guarantee admission to the UTS course. You can submit the credit recognition application form after you have accepted your offer to study at UTS.