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Degree: Bachelor of Design (Architecture)/Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours)  Offering Institution: Deakin University 
TAFE qualification: Building and Construction (Building) Diploma 
National code: CPC50220 
Degree CRICOS code: 080118A 
Guaranteed pathway: Yes 
Degree credit points: 40 
Available credits: Course entry is guaranteed, if listed Diploma is completed at TAFE NSW in the past 5 years and proof of completion is provided.  
How to apply: All Deakin University applicants, including those applying for guaranteed entry courses, must meet the English language criteria, minimum admission criteria and readmission clauses to be considered for entry as outlined at RPL will be assessed separately from entry. All applicants will be considered by selections officers on the basis for their ability to meet the educational demands of the course and their likelihood of success. Selection officers may consider, among other factors, your complete academic record including any studies completed before, during and after the listed TAFE qualification. If they feel that you will not be successful in the course, Deakin University may reject your application. The outlined study pathways from TAFE NSW to Deakin University are available for the stated eligible Diploma and/or Advanced Diploma qualifications only.
All international students should apply at Course entry is competitive, not guaranteed for international students. Applicants are advised to support their application with their study results, a resume/CV, personal statement and/or any other supporting documentation including portfolios and tests when relevant. International students must hold a valid Australian visa throughout their enrolment at Deakin, unless they are enrolled in Cloud Campus.