This credit transfer website is a guide to credits available for completed TAFE NSW qualifications to articulate into a University or Higher Education Provider degree. It is designed to help you tailor your study journey. How much credit you are eligible for varies depending on course, institution chosen and the grades achieved. As credit arrangements are updated regularly, you should always confirm your eligibility with the offering institution. You can e-mail TAFE NSW if you need more information.
Degree: Bachelor of Business in Tourism and Hospitality Management  Offering Institution: Southern Cross University 
TAFE qualification: Human Resource Management Diploma 
National code: BSB50615 
CRICOS code: 085172K 
Guaranteed pathway: Yes 
Available credits: Credit granted: 2 units, of a total of 24 (8% of the course) – 2 specified units. NOTE: guaranteed entry is subject to English language course proficiency requirements.

Note the maximum credit will depend on the subjects studied - see SCU website for additional details: TAFE to Southern Cross Pathways - Southern Cross University (

For further details view Southern Cross University dedicated page for TAFE graduates

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